Zubair Omer - Tagheer
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Zubair Omer

Zubair Omer is a business developer, Marketing, and Finance expert. He received his post-graduation from Peshawar University Pakistan, an MBA in Banking & Finance and Bachelors in Computer Science. Zubair worked for local NGOs, US embassy / PAE/JSSP project, and private sector for more than 10 years and supported them for management, marketing, Finance, and Administration roles.

He currently leads the Education beyond borders program for TAGHEER where he connects eligible Afghan students with reputed universities in Turkey and India for higher education. He is also managing “Health is Hope” and “Better Everyday Life” programs being supported by CareEver in India and C-Istanbul in Turkey, where he offers practical assistance to local Afghans avail medical facilities including health check-ups in India and starting a better life in Turkey. This support is a key to connecting market demand and supply.

Zubair Omar is fluent in English, Dari, Pashto, and Urdu languages. He serves TAGHEER in the capacity of Task Manager.