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TAGHEER provides robust and bespoke management tools to improve the clients’ performance. We collaborate with them to design needs-based M&E frameworks & management tools, help them develop their human capacity, supply them subject matter experts, and ensure our clients perform with full confidence through our reach and presence in Afghanistan.


By engaging clients, clarifying goals, setting-up objectives and measures, and identifying mission-critical actions, we get our clients to their goals faster. We are accountable, yet flexible, to adapt to changing needs and meeting expectations.


We help our clients articulate their mission, manage their implementation strategies, measure and communicate their successes, and make them learn from their interventions; both successes and failures. We engage them for participation and ownership and support them continuously for technical assistance and post work follow up.





Our project monitoring system is designed to collect and analyze data to measure the achievement of project targets against the work plan and indicators at activity, output and outcome levels. Our monitoring involves collecting, analyzing, and reporting data and information, with feedback from clients and stakeholders integrated for learning and improvement; all towards better planning and effective decision making.


Our M&E plan serves our roadmap for site visits, where we agree with our clients on monitoring frequency, field visit protocols, and their particular reporting needs. We perform evidence-based assessments because we believe actions speak louder than words. Technology makes it simple for us. We use KOBO and ODK applications (offline / online versions) which adds to the quality, speed and accuracy of field data.


TAGHEER conducts feasibility studies, market research, baseline assessments, as well as performance and impact evaluations to help clients decide appropriate interventions for their projects, analyze gender and power dynamics in the project context, identify roles and responsibilities of stakeholders, needs and experiences of project beneficiaries, and establish baseline information for projects. Our evaluations help clients understand if their projects are relevant to their priorities / beneficiary needs, and effectively achieving results using the resources efficiently, and if they are sustainable beyond the funding timeline. Our studies / evaluations range from traditional snapshots to innovative designs and highly participatory studies to determine the project/program true effects over time. We conduct large-scale surveys and assessments across Afghanistan and focus on clients’ needs from the outset: How they will use our information for better decision making and to learn and improve?


Our Products

  • Education & Training
  • Real Estate
  • Hopes N life


Education & Training


Education Component

Developing human capacity via guided education and training programs is another area of TAGHEER’s focus. This program contributes to the long-term social and economic development of Afghanistan. The “Education Beyond Borders” program connects eligible Afghan students to study abroad in Turkey and India for diploma, bachelors, Masters, and PhD programs. While our Training programs provide demand driven skills to the industry workforce and jobseekers in Afghanistan, Turkey, India, Tanzania, and Kenya.



  • Experimental design[Complete randomized design(CRD), Randomized Complete Block Design (RCBD), Latin Square Design, Alpha design, STRIP-PLOT Design and Split-Plot Design]
  • Field plot techniques
  • Data collection and analysis
  • Writing of thesis and research paper


Training Component

We provide a training program on Agriculture Research and Methodology with aims to enhance and improve the research knowledge and skills for Afghan researchers, agronomists, and University students. This training will help the participants to plan, design, and conduct your research projects. The training program includes two components i) training and ii) coaching services;



COACHING SERVICES: (Receive suitable and on-call support)

  • Planning and designing a research project; you will receive an appropriate guide and support for proper selection of the research project and its objective, research design and parameters, data collection, and data analysis techniques.
  • Writing synopsis / research proposal in the writing of synopsis for Masters program and proposal for your research program.
  • Thesis Writing; Masters Students will be supported and guided for thesis writing.
  • Research Paper and Publication to enable the researchers, agronomists, and students to:


1. Design/ programming a researcher project

2. Conduct data analysis and presentation

3. Write a research article

4. Write a research proposal

5. Conduct a literature review

6. Review papers

7. Do editing/ proofreading

8. Publish a research paper in a good journal


Note that, there are several possible starting points both for training and coaching services depending upon your previous experiences. Currently, we are accepting online registration for the summer season of this training & coaching program. Please let us know your topics of interest from the above list and your suitable date and register with us for this wonderful program from our top-notch agriculturist, Mr. Darya Khan Akbarzai. His short bio is attached below.


The regular training fee is (please mention the fee). TAGHEER offers a 30% discount for the summer program if you register from date to date (please mention dates) and another 10% discount if you register more than 2 participants for this training.