About Muzamil Shah Sadaat - Tagheer
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About Muzamil Shah Sadaat

Muzamil Shah Sadaat is a BSc, Civil Engineer from Nangarhar University. He is very humble yet very talented individual. Eng. Muzamil started his journey as an Intern with TAGHEER and assisted the senior management on a number of occasions including but not limited data translation, transcription, and limited data analysis using Excel software. He is currently learning SPSS, which is a quantitative data analysis software. 

Eng. Muzamil also supported TAGHEER for the training and job placement efforts on a USAID funded training program, where TAGHEER trained 70 plus females in field monitoring and data management in Kabul province. He also worked for several local private businesses as a freelance translator. 

Eng. Muzamil is fluent in English, Pashto, and Dari languages. He serves TAGHEER in the capacity of Research Assistant.