Ismail Ahmadi - Tagheer
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Ismail Ahmadi

Mr. Ismail Ahmadi is graduated from Abdul Wakil High School in Nangarhar, Afghanistan. He is smart and hardworking. He has received a few credentials as an English language instructor from various English Language Institutes in Nangarhar Afghanistan.

Mr. Ahmadi does not stop here; he is learning SPSS, which is a quantitative data analysis software from the TAGHEER data analyst. He assists the research and evaluation assignments for tools testing in the field, data entry, and translation. He also transcribes the Dari and Pashto lesson plans developed by the TAGHEER content developers for short videos and filming.

Mr. Ahmadi is fluent in English, Pashto, and Dari languages. He is currently learning at TAGHEER in the capacity of an Intern.