Fatima Qarin - Tagheer
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Fatima Qarin

Fatima Qarin holds a bachelor degree in BBA from Hewad University. Ms. Qarin is one of those very few innovative and self-driven females, who attract employers to their talent.


She was a training participant in one of the capacity development program implemented by TAGHEER for USAID on field monitoring and data management. Her attention to details, interest in M&E and Research during the class made the TAGHEER master trainer attentive to her, who later recommended Ms. Rahmati for an Internship program at TAGHEER.


She is currently learning SPSS, a Quantitative Data Analysis Software at TAGHEER. She received training certificates in M&E, Technical Survey, Public Speaking, Quick Book and Accounting Cycle.


Ms.Qarin is fluent in English and Dari, and conversant in Pashto. She serves TAGHEER in the capacity of Research Assistant.