Darya Khan Akbarzai - Tagheer
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Darya Khan Akbarzai

Darya Khan Akbarzai is an agriculture researcher, private sector developer, and capacity building expert. He completed his MSc in Genetics and Plant Breeding from CCS Haryana Agriculture University – India; Plus, a Bachelor degree in Agriculture “agronomy” from Nangarhar University including a diploma in Business Administration. He is currently pursuing a second Masters in Rural Development from Indira Gandhi University India. Darya Khan has worked with several National and International Organizations including International Research Centers and UN managing agricultural projects for more than 11 years.

He has experience in the project planning, and implementation; plus, designing agriculture research programs including data analysis, manuscript and report writing and development of seed companies. He currently leads the agriculture training program for TAGHEER where he designs and conducts different trainings for researchers, agronomist and M.Sc. students to enhance their capacity in the field of agricultural researches, thesis and manuscript writing. Beside that he works on vertical gardening concept which is one of the few options for healing nature, curbing the air pollution and beatify cites.

Some of his technical skills include Plant Breeding, Plant Genetics, Plant Biology, Crop Production, Seed Science and seed production, Seed certification, Food Security Analysis, Simple Sequence Repeats (SSR), PCR, Design of Experiment, Agricultural Development, and his command over Genstat, SPSS, Cyclic Design, BMS, STAR, INDOSTAT, CROPStat, PBTools and SPAD.

Darya Khan Akbarzai is fluent in English, Dari, Pashto, and Handi languages. He serves TAGHEER in the capacity of Program Advisor and Training Specialist.