Bismillah Abid - Tagheer
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Bismillah Abid

Mr. Bismillah Abid holds a bachelor’s degree in Arabic Literature and a diploma in Pedagogy from Teacher Training Institute in Peshawar, Pakistan. Moreover, he was trained at the Karlstad University, Sweden and obtained a Pedagogic Training Certificate from there.

Mr. Abid started his journey as an Education Training Advisor with Maktabu-l-Khidamat in 1992; after, he was appointed as the Manager for Pedagogic work to supervise the academic seminars held in the Parwan Provincial Education Directorate. He served the Swedish Committee for Afghanistan in the capacity of a Master Trainer and Field Supervisor and has worked for more than eight years as Provincial Monitoring Officer for the Ministry of Education.

Currently, he is preparing the professional development plans and training outlines for Teachers, Principals, and Academic Supervisors, a project TAGHEER is performing for the Aga Khan Foundation and the Ministry of Education. The plans developed by him are being filmed to become part of the National Education Library.

Mr. Abid is very hardworking and pays attention to details. He is fluent in Dari, Pashto, and Arabic languages. He serves TAGHEER in the capacity of content development expert.