Aqil Shah Ayaz - Tagheer
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Aqil Shah Ayaz

Aqil Shah Ayaz is a Medical Doctor. He graduated from Rokhan Medical School in Nangarhar province. He is very resourceful in providing coordination and logistical support required by the TAGHEER field researchers in the Eastern, Center, and Southern regions of Afghanistan. This support is a key to collecting real time and reliable information from project beneficiaries and stakeholders. 


Dr. Ayaz doesn’t stop here. He supports the lead researchers and technical director for beneficiary and stakeholder’s selection, while designing the evaluation and research work. He trains the field researchers on evaluation / research tools specific to a project and keep a close eye on field data collection to ensure maximum data quality. Dr. Ayaz keeps good experience in data analysis using Atlas.ti and SPSS. 


He has worked with local NGOs and private sectors for more than 5 years and and supported them for project management, coordination, field planning, monitoring and evaluation. He supported TAGHEER for field coordination and data analysis to evaluate the Japan Platform Portfolio (7 projects) in 6 provinces of Afghanistan. He is currently leading the field coordination and data management for Every Voice Counts Program evaluation funded by CARE and a Livelihood improvement project evaluation funded by the Norwegian Foreign Ministry. 


Dr. Ayaz is fluent in English, Pashto, and Dari languages. He serves TAGHEER in the capacity of Data Analyst & Field Manager.