About Luhuvilo Sanga - Tagheer
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About Luhuvilo Sanga

Mr. Luhuvilo Sanga is a registered Independent M&E Consultant with over 13+ years of experience in program management, Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning. Luhuvilo is sharp and focused, technologically proficient with a passion for research that leads to programmatic recommendations. Luhuvilo has experience in designing Computer-assisted personal interviewing (CAPI) for field survey data collection. 


Luhuvilo has worked with qualitative, quantitative, and mixed methods data collection and analysis and research/evaluation design, developing data collection tools and piloting, semi-structured or structured interviews, focus group facilitation, case studies, unstructured observation, paper-based and electronic surveys, gender analysis and participatory development and evaluation methods. 


Luhuvilo has Msc in Health Monitoring and Evaluation from Mzumbe University. He is fluent in Swahili and English and is comfortable in using statistical software packages such as SPSS, ATLAS.ti, UNICET 6, and STATA. Luhuvilo has led and contributed to over 30 evaluations and currently serves TAGHEER in the capacity of Associate Researcher for evaluations in the field of Education, Livelihood improvement, Agriculture, and Capacity development, Entrepreneurship development, Migration, and Health.