About Abdul Mutalib Noori - Tagheer
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About Abdul Mutalib Noori

Abdul Mutalib Noori holds a medical degree from Kandahar medical University. He practiced medicine in multiple projects and in hospitals. Later on, he switched his professional career to become more grounded in M&E, Research, Operational management.  He has a wealth of experience in Finance, Procurement, and Administration. 


He has worked for different local NGOs, private sector, governmental organizations including MRRD to assist them with health & science, field coordination & management, and administration & finance. He supported TAGHEER for field coordination and data collection including facilitating Focus Group Discussions to evaluate a number of projects including the USAID funded Afghanistan Civic Engagement Program, DFID funded ACCESS, OXFAM funded Amplify Change, and many more. 


He is also responsible to look after the daily office administration, logistics, processing payroll, and generating financial reports. Dr. Noori is fluent in Dari and Pashto, and conversant in English. He serves TAGHEER in the capacity of Administration & Finance Manager.