Baseline study for CARE International - Tagheer
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Baseline study for CARE International

Baseline study for CARE International

CARE is implementing a 5-years Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment Program to make women economically & socially empowered, so, they participate in public processes and decision- making.

The project aims to build a locally driven & evidence based advocacy on women‘s rights to engage women at the policy level to advocate for the implementation of the National Action Plan for Afghan Women under the UN framework.

TAGHEER is carrying out the baseline assessment of this project Kabul province to explore contextual information on gender norms, power dynamic, gender-based violence against women, and behaviours of male members in communities to validate the project theory of change and establish baseline value for the log frame indicators.

TAGHEER in collaboration with CARE will review the project literature and speak with around 500 community people and project stakeholders including GIRoA, advocacy groups, and private sector to understand and report the wider context to CARE, so, they can adjust their project ToC, assumptions, and project targets. We believe the baseline will also help other actors including GIRoA & humanitarians for gender equality and women empowerment in Afghanistan.