Final Evaluation of Peace By Piece - Tagheer
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Final Evaluation of Peace By Piece

Final Evaluation of Peace By Piece

Search for Common Ground (Search) is an international #conflicttransformation NGO Headquartered in Washington DC with 52 field offices in 35 countries. Search is implementing #Peace by Piece project (PBP) in #Afghanistan with community driven & locally-rooted approaches to achieve peace in Afghanistan.

Search contracted #TAGHEER to carry out the final evaluation of the #PBP implemented in Afghanistan. TAGHEER will evaluate this project for effectiveness against the set targets / objectives and ToC and to capture lessons learned and share best practices across project locations, gender, and project interventions to inform future programing.

TAGHEER adapted a mixed study approach to include a comprehensive desk review while speaking to more than 500 beneficiaries and stakeholders using #surveys#KIIs, and #FGDs to collect both qualitative and quantitative data. This #cross-sectional study focused on iterative data gathering will validate the project achievements & gaps, and will provide Actionable #Recommendations.

Through this intervention, we are also supporting Search for a few Immediate and intermediate Afghan Peace priorities in the years to come.