An End to a New Beginning - Tagheer
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An End to a New Beginning

TAGHEER takes the pride to successfully completing a training program for 75 female participants in Kabul. They learned and practiced Field Monitoring and Data Management. The training program was part of the USAID PROMOTE-Women in Economy long term goal to include females in mainstream economy and find them better jobs.

We organized a graduation ceremony for successful participants, which was attended by officials from Women in Economy, Private Sector, and NGOs to witness the accomplishments of this 2 months (120 hours) training program. Each participant received a Certificate of recognition to learning field planning, data collection, data transcription & analysis, as well as generating user friendly reports.

TAGHEER placement team is further supporting the participants for better jobs. A number of them have already been placed into new jobs, while the rest are being promoted by their employers for better performance.

We value the efforts of Dr. Abdul Hadi; our expert trainer for designing and facilitating a demand driven training program and Dr. Aqilshah to support the trained participants with work carriers. To most of the participants, this training program was an End to a New Beginning!

Tagheer USAID Program

Tagheer USAID ProgramTagheer USAID Program

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