Sustainability of the development aid in fragile economies is often a question mark (?) - Tagheer
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Sustainability of the development aid in fragile economies is often a question mark (?)

Counterpart International (CPI) has been implementing a six-year Afghan Civic Engagement (ACEP) program funded by USAID in partnership with Internews, International Center for Not-for-Profit Law (ICNL) and the Aga Khan Foundation (AKF).

ACEP among many other activities created the Afghanistan Institute of Civil Society (AICS) to run a certification program for partner NGOs / CSOs and build their capacity for better organizational performance and program implementation. ACEP also created a number of technical working groups and organizational structures comprised of Parliamentarians, Civil Society, and Youth to promote the role of Civic Engagement at the National Government level through lobbying and policy reform. CPI now desires to investigate the sustainability and effectiveness of ACEP activities particularly the AICS Certification / Capacity building program and the Civic engagement Advocacy by the technical working groups beyond the project funding.

TAGHEER has been contracted by CPI to evaluate the sustainability of the project created structures including the AICS and its achievements for the certification program and capacity building services offered to the ACEP Regional and Provincial Partners and CSOs; 67 in total. While the organizational/financial sustainability of the below technical working groups will also explored part of the evaluation process.

  • Civil Society Joint Working Group (CSJWG)
  • CSOs – Government Coordination Working Group (CG-CWG)
  • Civil Society Elections Coordination Working Group (CECG)
  • Emerging Civil Society Leaders Alumni Network (ECSL)
  • Family Law – Parliamentary Working Group (FL-PTWG)
  • Advocacy Committee for People with Disabilities (ACPD)
  • Advocacy Group on the National Budget (AGNB)

CPI exploring the sustainability of their funded structures will allow them to understand the continuity of their good work beyond funding. We will publish this work on our website in March 2020.