Japan Platform (JPF) wants to Evaluate their Portfolio in Afghanistan - Tagheer
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Japan Platform (JPF) wants to Evaluate their Portfolio in Afghanistan

JPF supported the people of Afghanistan particularly Internally displaced people (IDP) and Afghan Returnees from Pakistan through seven (07) different projects to assist them for immediate life support including safe food, cash for work, clean water and sanitation, and primary education for their children.

JPF has engaged TAGHEER to monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of these 7 projects, which are implemented by their Partner NGOs in Afghanistan. The evaluation will help JPF to verify activities accomplished by the Partner NGOs as an essential quality assurance exercise in Afghanistan. JPF will use the outcome of this evaluation activity to improve the current and future funding portfolio in Afghanistan. The report will also serve an opportunity for a number of local and international NGOs to connect with JPF for humanitarian work in Afghanistan.

Four (04) of these projects have been completed, while three (03) are ongoing and will complete in mid-2020. TAGHEER will conduct around 2,000 surveys and hundreds of Key informant interviews and Focus group discussions together with site observations to report to JPF on this assignment against DAC criteria.