Are we delivering inclusive and citizen-centered public services? - Tagheer
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Are we delivering inclusive and citizen-centered public services?

AKF-A in collaboration with IDLG implemented a DFID funded Accountable, Citizen-Centered, Sub-National Governance Strengthening Initiative (ACCESS) in six Northern and Central provinces of Afghanistan. The project developed the capacity of Sub-National Government officials to deliver better, inclusive, and citizen-centered public services.

TAGHEER has been awarded to conduct the final evaluation of this project. TAGHEER will adapt a mixed method evaluation approach to provide actionable recommendations to AKF-A and suggest approaches to scaling up and strengthening governance processes by deepening democracy to holding public institutions accountable for their activities in the targeted provinces.

We are conducting a comprehensive literature review to understand the project context and are reviewing the survey data collected by the AKF-A to design this evaluation and finalize data instruments for Key Informant Interviews and Focus Group Discussions to help us underpin the stakeholders’ capacity and evaluate the project against DAC criteria, as well as share policy learning for future programming.

TAGHEER will adapt It’s Prove, Improve, and Learn approach for this evaluation. We believe TAGHEER Proving/Validating the field results for AKF-A will enable them and their partners to improve performance and Learn/adapt best practices for future implementation.