Teaching Translation as a Profession - Tagheer
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Teaching Translation as a Profession

Translation started to avoid communication gap between nations and to enable trade and cultural exchange irrespective of language differences. In Afghanistan, due to being multilingual for the presence of international community; translation seems to be a job creating opportunity.

TAGHEER signed a contract with DAI for the USAID funded WIE program to train 60 Afghan women in the upcoming 7 months. This training program is for 280 hours (82 hours for theory and 198 hours to practice translation), where a professional training leading to jobs will cover topics including translation basics to understanding the translation culture and context, managing translation as a business, and to adapting technology for better and timely translation. TAGHEER will be engaging four expert trainers for the design and delivery of this assignment in order to deliver an effective participatory and competency-based training program.

Participants will learn below skills. If you and/or someone in your circle/office are interested to participate, please give us a call at +93 731 999 306 or email us at careers@tagheer.af

  • Budget, Plan, Perform, review, revise, and finalize the translation work
  • Summarize, adapt and shorten rapidly and accurately a large piece of translation into one target language; Dari, Pashto, and/or English
  • Differentiate special types of translation for subject matter sensitivities
  • Use technology applications for rapid and easy translation including Trados and CAT
  • Negotiate with the client to define deadlines, rates, contracts and comply with professional ethical codes and standards of contracts.