TAGHEER Signs for a Country-wide Evaluation - Tagheer
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TAGHEER Signs for a Country-wide Evaluation


Counterpart International (CPI) has been implementing a multi-year Afghan Civic Engagement (ACEP) program. The goal of ACEP is to promote civil society and media engagement that enables Afghan citizens to influence policy, monitor government accountability, and serve as an advocate for political reform.

TAGHEER is contracted by CPI to conduct a thorough and detailed evaluation as a verification/improvement exercise to support further learning and inform future programming. TAGHEER will evaluate Civic engagement and education activities, Grant implementation by the Emerging Civil Society Leaders (ECSLs) program, and Advocacy efforts for Policymaking by the Civil Society – Joint Working Groups.

This verification effort will help CPI understand their achievements, opportunities, strengths and weaknesses to support further learning and inform future programming for better civil society engagement.

We are hiring capable and motivated data enumerators in 34 provinces for around 3 weeks to help us with data collection through Informant interviews, Focus groups, Surveys, and Field observations. Data collection is planned in the month of September 2019. TAGHEER will provide two days training to data enumerators in Kabul. Visit our website www.tagheer.af or share your CV through careers@tagheer.af