TAGHEER Doing M&E and Data Management Trainings for USAID in Kabul - Tagheer
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TAGHEER Doing M&E and Data Management Trainings for USAID in Kabul

One of the primary challenges in managing projects across Afghanistan is the lack of professional capacity in the field of Monitoring & Evaluation (M&E). M&E is often performed as a formality check in donor-funded projects.

Having recognized this challenge and to adopt a true culture for accountability through M&E learning; TAGHEER will run the M&E and Data Management training courses for female jobseekers, employees, and entrepreneurs in Kabul city under the USAID-funded Women in Economy (WIE) project, which is implemented by DAI.

TAGHEER will develop and deliver this training with the goal of initiating positive change; change in perception, change in working methodologies, and change in project results. The training program will focus to learn and utilize the M&E skills for gathering accurate data and cross check it against multiple sources, and transcribe and analyze it to generate actionable recommendations for future improvements.

This training program, which is for 120 hours and is modular based, will help participants learn the basics of M&E skills; Plan & Conduct Field Monitoring Missions; Data Entry & Analysis using Kobo ToolBox, SPSS and Atlas. ti software; All to generate user friendly reports for improvement and learning purposes.

Join us for this Free of Cost training and let us all Prove to Improve and Learn!