Why We Launched TAGHEER - Tagheer
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Why We Launched TAGHEER

The primary challenge of Monitoring & Evaluation (M&E) is achieving just the right mix of coordination, participatory approaches, and inclusivity. This challenge is often compounded by a failure to incorporate an M&E cycle into a project design, and a lack of local capacity to effectively perform high-level M&E work.


I witnessed this in 2007 when I began working in the development sector in Afghanistan as an M&E practitioner. Monitoring & Evaluation was mostly performed as a formality in donor-funded projects, just a box that had to be checked during the program cycle. I also recognized a degree of apprehension towards M&E work among project implementors. There was often the belief among project implementors that M&E was an adversarial form of policing, with evaluators looking to find deficiencies in their work.


After 11 years in the M&E field, I believe it is not too late to create a common vision for Monitoring & Evaluation. Education and mutual understanding among all parties is the first step, and I believe TAGHEER has valuable contributions to make in this area.


At the foundation of our work at TAGHEER, we believe in the following three principles to be considered in M&E work: interaction, understanding, and flexibility. TAGHEER approaches its projects with the goal of initiating positive change; change in perception, change in working methodologies, and change in project results. We want to help stakeholders achieve quick wins and develop strategies for long-term success. We believe that planning now is the key to any effective M&E component – allocating a marginal amount of time for M&E planning at the outset will result in a more inclusive and participatory M&E implementation.


When it comes to the implementation of M&E plans, our team members utilize their M&E skills to gather accurate data, cross check this data against multiple sources, analyze information using available technology, listen to client feedback, and provide them actionable recommendations.


 TAGHEER is a word in Arabic, Dari, and Pashto meaning ‘change’ in English. We chose this word as company name because excellence can only be achieved when an individual or organization is prepared to look within themselves and be prepared to change.